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Market Intelligence

e.surv Chartered Surveyors Mortgage Monitor

e.surv Chartered Surveyors Mortgage Monitor – tomorrow’s mortgage data today

Each month e.surv Chartered Surveyors produces a forecast on mortgage lending volumes and loan to value trends. It does this by analysing tens of thousands of valuations and uses these trends to extrapolate from the Bank of England’s mortgage data to publish mortgage approval numbers, weeks before the British Bankers Association, Council of Mortgage Lenders and Bank of England. The typical margin of error on a monthly basis is 1% compared to the Bank of England’s final approvals data.

LSL Acadametrics House Price Index

LSL Acadata House Price Index

The monthly House Price Index reports on transaction numbers and the movement of average house prices in England and Wales, including regional data. It is the only house price index to use the actual prices at which every property in England and Wales was transacted, including prices for properties bought with cash, using the factual Land Registry house price data – seasonally and mix adjusted by property type – as opposed to valuation estimates or asking prices (Crown copyright material reproduced with the permission of the Land Registry). It also uses the price of every single relevant transaction, as opposed to prices based upon samples. There is also a separate House Price Index for Scotland and a House Price Index for Wales.

LSL New Build Index

LSL New Build Index - powered by e.surv Chartered Surveyors

This Index is prepared by e.surv using anonymised data based on a proportion of all new build valuations provided for lending purposes. Figures represent 12 month rolling averages for each period.

LSL Buy to Let Index<

LSL Buy to Let Index

Monthly analysis of approximately 20,000 rental properties and tenancies from around the UK to determine rents, arrears, yields and voids. Figures for the whole country are inferred by scaling up from LSL’s market share.

LSL First Time Buyer Monitor

This monthly analysis uses the extensive data collected from first time buyers registering as buyers and also first time buyers arranging their mortgage with LSL’s Estate Agency Division to update the Council of Mortgage Lenders’ (CML) first time buyer data. LSL loan to value data is applied to CML price purchase data to calculate deposit and affordability information. Sentiment and salary data are derived from a survey conducted by LSL.

LSL Consumer Sentiment Survey

Quarterly survey to determine consumer views on the UK property market.

LSL Landlord Sentiment Survey

A quarterly survey which determines the views of landlords on the UK lettings market.

Templeton Tennant Arrears Tracker

This quarterly analysis is based on LSL and English Housing Survey data and reports on the level of tenant arrears.